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From 0-3 to 8-3: Can the Texans Make it 9 in a Row?

Tomorrow, the Browns come to town to try and put an end to the Texans eight- game win streak which also happens to be the NFL’s current longest. The Browns are a formidable opponent and should not be overlooked. Gone are the days when facing the Browns was looked at as an automatic win for your team. With the addition of Baker Mayfield, the Browns seem to have found a new bravado, and dare I say, the fanbase is a bit cocky about tomorrow and their chances for a win. Never fear, Texans fans, you are in the good and capable hands of Mr. Watson, and I believe he gives us the best chance to get the dub for tomorrow.

If you watched the Texans on Monday Night Football, you saw a team that notched a win which looked completely different from the past seven wins. For all but the Miami game, according to football circles, the Texans “lucked” their way to seven wins. Against the Titans, they dominated on both sides of the ball and never relented until the final whistle. Although they started the game slowly and found themselves in a 10-0 hole, they quickly responded and put up 24 unanswered points before the half.

For long time fans, this was a refreshing change of pace as Houstonians areall too familiar with hearing the phrase, “isn’t built to come from behind,” which is a nice way of saying your QB is complete trash. Times have changed, Texans fans; the Texans now have the franchise piece under center, a QB capable of digging the Texans out of a hole and eventually winning the game. The fact that they came back was good, the fact that they did it on Primetime was amazing. Primetime has been another area of weakness for the Texans since historically, Texans QB’s completely fold under the lights.

So how does Deshaun hold up in Primetime?

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The brighter the lights, the more he shines.

Watson heads into battle tomorrow to face one Baker Mayfield who in the past two games has thrown for 474 yards, 7TDs, 0 Int, and is completing passes at a rate of 79%. Baker is playing good football. Not to take anything away from the young signal caller, but he accomplished this against the 26th and 28th ranked passing defenses in the Falcons and Bengals. Tomorrow, Baker will be facing the 8th ranked defense in the league and the 12th ranked passing defense in the league. The Texans also are giving up the fourth fewest points to opponents this year at 20.2. Baker will have an intimidating test tomorrow against this Texans defense who will be looking to get to Baker early and often against his formidable offensive line.

The Texans should win this game and I am confident that they will. Like I said earlier, this game won’t be a walk in the park, but with Watson looking more and more like he did last year and with a stingy defense, the Texans should give the Browns all they can handle and cause some fits for the Browns rookie QB. Go Texans!

Texans: Just Win, Baby!

What the Texans have done has been legendary.

Whether you feel love, hate, or indifference to this Texans team, you can’t deny what they have been able to accomplish in the past six weeks. Currently, your Houston Texans are riding a 6-game win streak after starting the season 0-3. No team has rattled off six wins after starting the season with three straight losses since the New York Giants accomplished this feat in 1970, via Kriste Rieken. After defeating the Broncos on a last-second missed FG by Broncos kicker, Brandon McManus, the Houston Texans moved to 6-3 and now have a comfortable lead in the AFC South.

I won’t sit and pump sunshine and rainbows. These wins have been hard-fought, extremely difficult wins for this team to compile. The offense has sputtered, the defense has looked broken, and they have played down to their competition. Throw in some questionable play calling, and this team seemed destined to be at the bottom of the league.

Yet, here we are. Be it grit, determination, or just plain luck; this team has been able to win. We can sit and compare them to the Rams or Patriots. We can break down every stat under the sun. Football is about making plays, and the Texans have made enough of them to rack up six wins in a row. Now, the Texans must continue to win and separate themselves from the rest of the division.

The Texans are currently in the driver’s seat and control their own destiny. They are entering a much-needed bye week, and are coming up on the part of the schedule that is in their favor. In the remaining seven games the Texans face the Redskins, Titans, Browns, Colts, Jets, Eagles, and finally, wrap it up at home against the Jaguars. Only the Redskins and Eagles are .500 teams out of the bunch and pose the only true tests to the team.

If the Texans ever want to make noise in the playoffs, they need to go 6-1 in a convincing fashion and enter the postseason red-hot. If the Texans can win the next six out of seven games, not only will they go into the postseason as a 12-win team, but they may be flirting with a first-round bye, a first in this team’s history. So, to put it simply: the only thing the Texans need to do is… Just Win, Baby!

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