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So, we were all high on the Texans’ winning streak! And why not, they looked like poo doo for the first three games! The Texans played bad quarterbacks during that nine-game win streak, but at the same time, Luck always murders this team.

I have said it to my friends and anyone who will listen. I am not a fan of Bill O’Brien. I have heard a few analysts state that the Texans have been playing basic football, “football 101.” So how much does a coach need to do if he is playing basic football and just letting his players win on talent alone? Not much is the answer. Maybe you can give him credit for letting them play because he is known to not have the best play calling ability and of course, poor decision-making regarding challenges.

I want to believe in the Texans, I really do, but what have they done to earn that? Nothing! I have watched this organization put a BMW symbol on a worn-down 1985 Grand Am and tell us they are going to the Super Bowl. And, for some reason, fans keep buying it? We watch other teams spend money on improving their offensive line and not waiting for the third round to take a chance on someone who “may” develop into a legit starter on the Texans line.

I can hear the old guard now (in a raspy voice), “You don’t need to draft an offensive lineman in the first and second rounds ‘cuz you can git a good lineman in the third.” No John… No, you might! The game has evolved, and the old guard needs to be put to sleep or evolve with the game. Every position on the offensive line is important! JJ Watt and Aaron Donald are defensive tackles and are the top defensive linemen in the game. You need guards and a center who can, at best, handle those kind of guys. But, as we say at Dynasty Wise, I digress.

I want to believe in this team, but at the same time I cannot until I see them beat an elite team. They barely beat the Broncos, Cowboys, and Redskins. The problem is, when a team comes into Houston, the Texans do a great job of getting them back on track. Eli Manning tore the Texans up. Need I say more?

Clowney has been decent for a third-round draft pick…wait, what? Yes. This guy should be playing at an elite level, like JJ or Khalil Mack, yet he is not. Sure, he does some nice things here and there, but not as THE FIRST PICK IN THE DRAFT! I am not sure how much money he wants in the offseason, but I guarantee he is not worth what he will get. He is a nice player, but it’s time to move on from him.

I also think it is time to move on from the whole running back group. Again, they are nice, but not good enough to win a good playoff game. This team will have around fifty million dollars in cap space, and I would love to see a REAL offensive lineman get signed, along with a very solid running back. The Texans need a second or third wide receiver because the running joke at DynastyWise is, “Start Fuller in fantasy football until Week 7 when he gets hurt.” We are never wrong. Fuller is always hurt. And Coutee is always “questionable,” and not the answer. If possible, Coutee seems worse than Fuller.

Finally, if this organization wants me to believe, I have one favor to ask: how about you guys beat the Patriots?