Trevor Bauer Keeps Challenging Alex Bregman at Baseball Things

The Astro Joker on Dec. 2, 2018

And He Keeps Losing.

Trevor Bauer is so thirsty for Twitter stardom that he has to call out the Honorable Alex Bregman just for clicks. So sad. Earlier this week, Bauer went to Twitter to issue a challenge that he would pay buckets of money for every practice home run hit off him by any MLB’er who accepted his offer. Then directed the subsequent call to Alex Bregman because he is the only true professional baseball player who may be just as lethal on the field as he is online.

For context, last year Bregman got into a DM fight with a fan about fake Chris Sale trades (RIP, @Allenh83), made him delete his account from sheer embarrassment, and then went on to be a hero in the World Series, so yeah, Bregman is pretty good at making dudes eat their words online. So here’s the following exchange after Bauer’s “challenge”:

This is the part where Bauer calls him soft, and than Bregman, so kindly provides a link to a YouTube video of him clobbering something “soft” off Bauer for a solo shot in the ALDS this past year. A real-life homer that juuuuuust landed as a matter of fact.

Man, you hate to see this kind of savagery in the offseason, but here we are.

The best part about this is I’m not so sure that Bauer doesn’t secretly want to be an Astro. He is a former student of Pitching Coach/Pitching Whisperer/Pitching G.O.A.T Brent Strom and loves talking about spin rates. It’s kind of like when you were a kid in school, and you would nag and make fun of the girls that you secretly liked. That actually makes sense because Bauer still plays around with toy drones and stuff.


Also, as a side note here is a screenshot of when I called out Bauer for his accusation of the Astros pitching staff cheating/doctoring baseballs earlier this year. He said he never accused them of cheating but come on man, we weren’t born yesterday.

You automatically know that I GOT HEEM by that retort. “Oh crap, this guy actually sees right through my veil of stupidity, quick, DIVERT THE SUBJECT.” Just as an aside, let me go ahead and put it on the record now, I am not God the Almighty. Moreover, I cannot hit a curveball.

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