Rockets: Daryl Morey, This Isn't New Science

Chance Westerman on Nov. 13, 2018

With the news per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski of Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony parting ways with the Rockets, I must take a step back and realize something: I am terrible at predictions. At the moment Carmelo was signed, I truly believed it had changed the Rockets’ bench and made them a better offensive team. However, if I take credit for the predictions I get right, I must take the L for the ones I get completely wrong.

The season being so young, I did not believe the Rockets would cut him this early or look at him as a failure of this offseason. However, with Gary Clark entering the league, it’s become apparent that Anthony was asked to take a lesser role on the team. Being a respected veteran, he became upset and asked for a meeting with Morey.

With all this speculation circling around the team, Rockets GM Daryl Morey addressed the media with a press conference before Sunday’s game against the Pacers.

“The claims that Carmelo will be released are inaccurate and expects to be back in the rotation when healthy,” Morey said via Jonathan Feigen.

In any professional sport, it’s common for a team spokesperson to say the opposite of whatever rumor is being circulated. However, the old saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” has never rung truer.

If the rumors and reports that Anthony’s short time in Houston is up are true, then most Rockets fans will blame this stint on him not adapting to his surroundings. However, as this writer knows and most Houston reporters also know, it takes two to dance. During this young stretch, Chris Paul has not been the same Chris Paul. Coming off the bench, Carmelo needed CP3 to be his normal self. Carmelo was only going to work in Houston if all the stars aligned, but as we have seen in the NBA, the stars never truly align. It takes acceptance and understanding of your role as an NBA player to be successful.

Carmelo is gone, and now we can hear the “Carmelo ruined the team” jokes and hear how he was a bust. But in the end, with injuries and not enough time, we will never know how Carmelo would have worked out. But with all the smoke that has always been around Carmelo, the question to Morey should be:

Why in the hell did you sign if you knew everything he was?

I have always trusted Morey and his decisions, but he must take the blame for this. Letting Ariza go at 15 million for one year was the right move. But if Carmelo was the reason that LRMM was let go, it’s a terrible move. There will be blame for both sides, but Morey is the one who offered him the contract and has been chasing him for years. He doesn’t take many L’s, but when he does, they are very bad.

Houston Rockets fans, Carmelo is gone. You can cheer, cry or drink, whichever makes you feel most comfortable. However, as a writer of this team, there will always be a little thought repeating in my head over and over: Would Carmelo have made it work if just given more time? Alternatively, is it just the end of the career of a Hall of Fame player who will now be remembered only as a ball hog and a disruption in the locker room? Time will tell how he finishes his career, but one thing is certain: It won’t be in Houston or for the Rockets.

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