Overwatch World Cup 2018

Chris Broward on Nov. 2, 2018

Starting today at 2:15pm CST, the 2018 version of the Overwatch World Cup (OWWC) kicks off. Fielding the Top Eight teams in the world, the OWWC is comprised of: USA, United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, China, Finland, Canada, and France. The South Korean team looks to make it three titles in as many years with their All-Star squad. The Star-Spangled boys of the USA (with two of our hometown Houston Outlaws) are many critics’ pick to give the defending champs a run for their money. Canada’s team will look to run wild over their side of the bracket, powered by their formidable DPS duo and their support line (made up partially by another member of the Houston Outlaws.)

The opening game of the OWWC will see the pride of the USA remind the UK once again who has the better team as they face each other. Following that match we’ll see France vs Canada and China vs Finland, with South Korea closing out the day’s quarter-final matches against Australia. Honestly, the first round seems to look pretty “chalk” as the USA, Canada, Finland, and South Korea should all easily move on to Saturday and the semi-finals.

Canada vs Finland has the possibility of stealing the show as not only the most competitive of the match-ups but also for the amount of hype these two teams can bring to the center stage. It’ll be interesting to see how Finland’s team of current Overwatch League (OWL) pros does with a Canadian squad that has two non-OWL members, as well as a support in xQc that was removed from the OWL and hasn’t played regularly, high-level Overwatch in months.

USA vs South Korea: will this finally be the year that the American’s step out of the giant shadow laid upon them by South Korea and bring hope to across the world? No. No it is not. While this will likely go down to last round, last map; the South Korean team is just too skilled to get tripped up by USA’s jack-of-all-trades playstyle.

This expected result brings us to the Finals. I have Finland moving past Canada and facing off against South Korea. All you’ll have to know for this match is Linkzr vs Carpe. The Fins pushed South Korea to the breaking point during the qualifying stages; however, they would ultimately lose. History looks to repeat itself in more than one way, as not only will Finland fall, but South Korea will bring home their third OWWC Trophy.

So, there you have it, boys and girls. The 2018 Overwatch World Cup broken down rather anti-climatically by us, here at Houston Preeminence. If you’re looking to catch any of the matches today (and on Saturday) you can view them on Twitch, YouTube, or MLG.

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