My Texans Weekly Mock Draft

Jules Jefferson on Oct. 31, 2018

Texans’ fans: this series will be a weekly 2019 mock draft for our favorite team. The mock draft will not have any impact from free agency or trade rumors. As the Texans season moves forward and they accumulate wins or losses, the draft slots and draft picks will be affected. I based each pick on the Texans needs, prospects, draft stock, and fit for the current team’s defensive and offensive schemes. 

The Texans’ needs are simple: Offensive Lineman and Corner. There is no starting Left Tackle on the Texans roster currently. The interior lineman position has been shaky at best. The Texans’ O-line has to be one of the most inconsistent lines of all time. In the 2019 mock draft, I prefer to use their first round draft pick on an Offensive Tackle.

The cost to the Texans for winning games is lowering their draft slots. To simulate the draft, I used a computed online live draft at So, when the Texans’ pick came up, all of the top rated OT were gone. Teams like the Jets, Cardinals, Colts, and Browns all might be looking for OT in the 2019 Draft. Talent like Jonah Williams, Greg Little, and Trey Williams will be gone very early in the first round of the draft. Unless the quarterbacks in the 2019 class really start shining, and quarterback-needy teams fall in love with them, other talented positional players will be off the board quickly.

Here We Go!!!

First Round Selection at 20th Pick - CB Deandre Baker - Georgia

Measurables – Height: 5’11”, Weight: 185lbs., 40 Yard Dash Time: 4.55, Reach: 34”

Deandre Baker was rated higher than other OT at 20th. Baker is one of the top-rated cornerbacks coming out of college this year. Andraez (“Greedy”) Williams gets the hype and attention, but Baker is just as talented and flashy. Not necessarily a ball-hawking corner, Baker plays his man and the ball quite well. Pass deflection ability is key in a league where the passing game is highlighted. Baker’s selection would allow the Texans to move Jonathan Joseph to second corner and Aaron Colvin can then play in his natural position as slot corner.

Second Round Selection at 47th Pick - OT Andre Dillard - Washington State

Measurables – Height: 6’5”, Weight: 305lbs., Wingspan: 83”

Andre Dillard is nice second-round talent. Dillard is in the conversation of Best Left Tackle in the draft class. With his quick feet and superb hand placement, he could be the Left Tackle for the Texans for the next 10 – 15 years. With Watson’s abilities and playing style, he will need a LT that has more quickness and is lighter on their feet than a traditional LT. Dillard has very good upper body strength. That strength will be needed when handling NFL-level top pass rushers that can bull rush.    

Second Round Selection at 53rd Pick - RB Bryce Love - Stanford

Measurables – Height: 5’10”, Weight: 202lbs., 40 Yard Dash Time: 4.35

Bryce Love should replace Lamar Miller and should pair with D’Onta Foreman. Barring any setback, I can see him going higher in the draft. If he is there in the third round for the Texans, he could be a must-draft for them. Love is a running back with a track and field background. Love has the speed to break away from defenders.  He also has the toughness to be a three-down back with pass-catching abilities, which has been missing from this Texans’ offense.  Stanford is known for running a profile-style offense. That style will suit him well transitioning from college to NFL.

Third Round Selection at 84th Pick  - G Ben Bredeson - Michigan

Measurables – Height: 6’5”, Weight: 310lbs, Wingspan: 81”

Ben Bredeson is a former OT that has moved inside to guard. He is projected to be a left guard that has great strength with power at the point of attack. Bredeson has very good lateral movement from his days at tackle. He truly battles against every defender that lines up in front of him. He positions himself well in pass-blocking situations. 

Properly balanced while run blocking, Bredeson seems under control and stable doing both.  He will need to improve on next-level blocking. He should be a force to go with Dillard on the left. Pairing him with Nick Martin and Zach Fulton could make the interior an impenetrable wall for years to come. Drafting Bredeson helps Head Coach Bill O’ Brian solidify the line and have some permanent players in their positions.

Fourth Round Selection at 123rd Pick  – CB Amani Oruwariye - Pennsylvania State

Measurables – Height: 6’1”, Weight: 201lbs., 40 Yard Dash Time: 4.57

Amani Oruwariye would be another player to add to the depth of the corner position. Without a lot of proven stars or talent at the corner spot, Oruwariye could have his chance for some real playing time. Oruwariye has great length and a very high awareness of the ball.  A proven tackler that fights off blocks well, Oruwariye has the strength and size to be a hard-hitting corner. A bit raw without a lot of starts under his belt for being redshirt senior, Oruwariye has great potential.

Fifth Round Selection at 161st Pick  –Edge Rusher Christian Rector – Southern California

Measurables – Height: 6’3”, Weight: 275lbs., 40 Yard Dash Time: 4.77

The Texans’ base front is 3-4, like we always hear, but a team can never have enough edge rushers.With Christian Covington not playing well, and being a healthy scratch on certain games after his return from injury, Christian Rector could be used as the main back-up at defensive end, with Duke Ejiofor emerging as star. Ejiofor and Rector could be the best natural-skilled pass rushers on the team. Picking a true 3-4 DL, will be quite different from what the Texans have been doing lately: converting talent to fit their schemes. Rector has the power and speed to be strong against run. His quickness, finesse, and power can be valuable in the passing game. As a former basketball player in high school, he definitely has the footwork to improve his pass rushing skills.

Sixth Round Selection at 194th Pick  – OL Kendall Baker – Georgia

Measurables – Height: 6’5”, Weight: 305lbs., 40 Yard Dash Time: 5.27

Baker currently plays Left Guard for Georgia, but with his size and lateral speed, he can easily move to a Tackle spot. At tackle, his lean frame and quickness could be used as a swing tackle or as depth for the Texans. He plays very aggressively and has a strong punch to run, stopping defensive tackles from getting to the ball carrier. Following Head Coach O’Brian’s philosophy for the O-line, he has the versatility to play Guard, as well. He will have to add some weight on his frame to play inside. Running backs can find holes when they run his direction, but he will need work to get his strength where he needs to be to handle NFL-level talent.     

Sixth Round Selection at Pick 237th – OL Dewrin Gray – Maryland

Measurables – Height: 6’4”. Weight: 336lbs. 40 Yard Dash Time: 5.25:

Derwin Gray is big, stout offensive lineman. Gray has shown the ability to play Guard and Tackle. He run blocks well, has excellent movement for man of his size, and was once a starter at LT for Maryland. Early in his college career, Gray showed he could play the LT position. Gray’s true position for NFL coaches is at guard with his wide frame and powerful first step in the run game. He blows off defenders to make running lanes for his running backs. An offensive lineman with his natural skills and size could have a long-term home on a roster with work and great effort.

The Texans have some holes in their roster that need to be addressed. This draft class should be able fill some of their needs and contribute.  During the free agency period, there will be some players added and lost to fit the needs of the team. Some of these prospects could see the field starting Day One. With the new additions, the Texans should improve their team and push further in the playoffs in 2019.


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