I Watched … Daredevil Season 3

Eric Boyd on Nov. 7, 2018

"And some bloody their fists trying to keep the Kitchen safe." – Karen Page

The man without fear, last time we saw him, he was presumed dead by his friends and others close to him. However, are you ever really dead in the world of fiction? Matt Murdock is a betting man, no doubt about it. A building fell on top of him, but the Netflix Original managed to overcome the obstacles and was nursed back to health by some gracious nuns. More on one particular nun in a second.


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Matt seems to have lost some of his ‘powers’ at the beginning of the season. His senses seem to be out of whack, audio distortions hampering his sonic vision. Back where it all began for him, in the orphanage, Matt gets some tough love help from Sister Maggie, played by Joanne Whalley. A character that is so important to the comic series, it was amazing to get to see her on the screen finally, and wow, she does not disappoint.

Let’s just say; she is not your average nun. As always, I will keep this spoiler free, but I can say she is brilliantly portrayed and the payoff throughout the season is well worth it. And in what can only be called a staple, yet again Daredevil (the show) outdoes itself with another great one shot. In Season 1, it was the hallway scene, in Season 2 it was the prison scene. So what do they do for an encore, A Prison Hallway scene, fuck yeah I am sold, look for it in Episode 4.


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As much as the show is called Daredevil, there is way more characters that share the airtime.

Moreover, this season belonged to Karen Page. Not only in her presence on the existing story but for the first time, we get a backstory episode of the character that has been there since the beginning. She has always been there for us. She introduced us to Matt. She quickly pulled the trigger and killed Fisk’s right-hand man that help shape her character and the season of Daredevil.

So to finally see what happened to her that brought to Hell’s Kitchen is huge. Deborah Ann Woll’s portrayal of Karen Page has grown on me, Season 1, I wasn’t sold, outside of the death of Wesley, she just got on my nervous, and she always looked to be on the verge of tears. Season 2, she was somewhat forgotten, as well in Defenders and Punisher. However, with this backstory, I feel like I now know why she was always on the verge of tears, like it was slowly played out for me. I was a fool, and please forgive me Karen Page.

As for the other main characters, Foggy gets his fair share of the screen. In a bold move, he seems to be close to greatest with his run for DA. He is always there, willing to lend a hand to Matt, to Karen, and constantly providing the comic relief, we need at times. However, more importantly, this season, he provides a bit more realistic ideas, which helps with a show about a blind man that fights crime. However, season 3 adds one of the best villain arcs ever. I loved him in Season 1, but Vincent D’Onofrio’s version of Wilson Fisk is one of my favorites of all time now.

His Season 3 raise to Kingpin is now the stuff of comic viewing legend for me. His perfect manipulation of any and every one in Hell’s Kitchen, along with sidebar characters that help make it work, have elevated this Season to new heights. He doesn’t simply become Kingpin, he is now Kingpin, at least for a while, like how Ledger holds the crown as Joker. Wilson Fisk plays everyone throughout the season for the sole purpose of love, without spoilers again, let’s just say it is a great ride. Moreover, the rise of a new villain, you see there is a doppelganger Daredevil, and his casting is a bullseye in my opinion. Wilson Bethel taking on the fanboy role of Benjamin ‘Dex’ Poindexter is a complete win for fans and comic lovers. He even comes equipped with his own backstory to help with the enhancement of the beloved character.


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As the sun starts to set on a great time in television, it is most certainly the beginning of the end for the Marvel Netflix series’. My previous favorite, Luke Cage was given the boot a few months ago, before him, my least favorite, Iron Fist, got shown the door. We still like to think Jessica Jones is out there, but if this is the end of Daredevil, then it went out with a bang, and it will truly be missed. However, here is hoping he will just be BORN AGAIN.

Jaxwing scale – 8/10


To further enhance your Daredevil feels after Season 3, go back and read the Born Again series by the great Frank Miller.

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