D’Onta Foreman’s Return

Patrick Storm on Dec. 4, 2018

It has been 384 days since D’Onta Foreman tore his Achilles on a 34-yard touchdown run in Week 11 of the 2017 season. It was Foreman’s second touchdown of the day, ending a promising season for the rookie running back out of the University of Texas. Foreman’s season would end with 327 yards and 2 touchdowns.

There was much speculation heading into this season about how the Texans would handle his recovery, or even if he would play this year at all. Foreman was always adamant that he would play this year, but many felt he hadn't handled his recovery the way he should have. Plenty of people were speaking on the subject yesterday in a Facebook group named Houston Texans Empire. There were lots of assumptions being thrown around when a direct source, D’Onta Foreman’s father, spoke up on the subject.

Yesterday, Foreman’s father, Derrick Foreman, and I crossed paths (unknowingly at first) on a thread about D’Onta possibly returning to the active roster. Foreman’s father stated on Facebook in a brief conversation between he and I, that Foreman has been “ready for weeks.” However, he followed that statement with, “When you're winning games, I understand the team not rushing him back. He’s been practicing hard and not feeling any soreness.”

Adding Foreman to a pretty solid run game between Lamar Miller and Alfred Blue could help propel this Texans’ offense over the hump and thrust them deep into the playoffs. The Texans currently rank third in the NFL in total rushing yards with 1689 yards and are tied for second in rushing yards per game with 140.8. So far this season, the Texans have lacked a power run game inside the red zone, scoring a measly 6 rushing touchdowns on the year. Let’s see if Foreman can help in this department.

*Statistics from NFL.com

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