The Bit: Spoiled Fans and Media Declare Sky Falling

Justin Chasteen on Dec. 19, 2018

The Texans sit astride the AFC South at 10-4 with a two-game lead over the Titans (8-6) and Colts (8-6), having split a game each with the foes. Not only do the Texans hold the reins of their division, they have a chance to obtain a rare gem not ever held by the organization before: a bye week with at least one guaranteed home game to follow.

How do the Texans accomplish such a feat? They simply win two more football games against two teams who do not have winning records.

Sadly, it’s not the simple, but before we look into the future, let’s take an embarrassing dive into Texans-past…

As I watched the Texans and Jets battle, I could not help but check Twitter to see what was being said. After all, Twitter is the home to absolute experts and unemployed NFL GMs, so why not gather their input?

Instead of support, I read what seemed to be a millennial protest.

Dread spewed forth from the Twitter outlets of fans and media alike, and I get it. It’s acceptable to expect your team to play at a high level. But who the hell says the Texans should have beaten the brakes off the Jets? The Jets average around 20 points per game and 23 points over the past 3 games, and the Texans have beaten the brakes off few teams this year; they aren’t exactly an offensive juggernaut. They are an offense with a limited run game—due to talent at the position and the offensive line—the quarterback often holds on to the ball too long when given plenty of time to throw, and too often do the Texans settle for 3 points instead of 6.

Even before the Jets took the lead, I witnessed complete jackassary from many. The fans have been spoiled by 10 wins, mostly due to the 9-game win streak, and have forgotten that a good team can *gulp* not hold the lead the entire game. It was no surprise that “the Texans were overrated” or “same old O’Brien” was diarrhea’d all over my timeline when the Jets went up 22-19 with 5 minutes left in the game. Let’s not forget “the secondary sucks.”

These same fans quickly kissed the buttocks of one Deshaun Watson when he engineered a brilliant end-game drive to retake the lead.

What stood out most to me was a tweet from the Bengal Killer himself, T.J. Yates:

Justin Pic 1.png

The Texans have played their butts off, and the fans/media completely disrespected and undervalued a Jets team that has put up 48, 34, 42, and 27 points in their four wins. The Jets have also beaten three teams that gifted wins to the Texans.

Justin Pic 2.png

(What kind of handsome egomaniac would quote their own tweet in their own article?)

The Jets, while inconsistent, will often put points on the board. (Sound familiar?) Yet, the fans and media expect a shutout, on the road, on a short week, after an exhausting division loss at home.

What happens this week when the Texans go on the road to face the red-hot, defending Super Bowl champs? I do not expect the Texans to be favored, nor should they be, as the Eagles just smacked the Rams in the mouth in LA. Will the sky also be falling if the Texans have to, dare I say, fight to Week 17 to secure the division, in a division where three of the four teams have winning records?

Or what happens if the Texans blow the #2 seed and give it back to the Patriots? Will fans stop cheering in protest? Hell no. The same crying fans will fill every damn seat at NRG Stadium on December 30th to watch the Texans try and secure the AFC South.

If they play for 60 minutes, then wait 60-damn-minutes before you start crying on social media. As the Bengal Killer said: find a real problem.

Leave the game to the athletes and coaches.

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