Astros Day 2-4 recaps of the Winter Meetings

Jordan Smith on Dec. 14, 2018

Day 2

With the Houston Astros not even being in town on Day 1, we will jump ahead to Day 2 of the Winter Meetings. The Houston Astros executives flew into Las Vegas on Monday with the hopes of filling in the gaps from the 2018 season.

With the Astros looking for a starting pitcher, a DH/1B and even a relief pitcher or two and an outfielder, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow has his work cut out for him this year in Vegas.

No deals were made, no signings, no trades: some more talk about Astros being in contention for certain players like JA Happ and JT Realmuto, but nothing was done.

Result: No new additions &/or subtractions

Day 3

Besides the continuation of hearing that Realmuto is on the verge of being traded in a supposed three-team trade with the Marlins, Yankees, and Mets, nothing was happening as much for the Astros and the names that they are involved. Dallas Keuchel has continued to be mentioned as “top of the list” guy for multiple teams, as well as Marwin Gonzales. Other than that, nothing new came from Charlie Morton, except now other teams are interested in his services.

J.A. Happ continued to be mentioned as a possible candidate for the Astros and other teams as well. The 36-year old was looking for a 3-year deal that could send him into retirement after the end of the contract.

Andrew McCutchen, while not a top target for the Astros still someone that could be considered if the need fit, signed with the Phillies for a 3-year, $50M deal. Now, besides Bryce Harper, the outfield list is starting to wind down a little bit possibly. Rumors that the Dodgers are shopping Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp emerged late Tuesday night, but nothing has happened since.

Another name that has escaped the hands of the Astros is Nelson Cruz, who was in talks with the ballclub and even was one of the top considerations, has now moved on to make his decision between either the Twins or the Rays. So, that’s another player that the ‘Stros have failed to close a deal on.

Kluber and Bauer are still with the Indians and have not been moved yet. At this point, a move will most likely not occur during the winter meetings for either one of those players most likely. The only thing the Astros announced today was Jim Crane saying that if the circumstance is correct, they will increase the payroll.

Result: No new additions &/or subtractions

Day 4

Waking up on Day 4 of the Winter Meetings in Vegas, the rumors now speculate that the Mets are now backing away from JT Realmuto and looking for a more defensive catcher possibly (that rumor coming from Jon Heyman).

The Dodgers have been a name connected to him, but according to Jon Heyman, the deal could have been done already between LA and the Marlins. However, the Dodgers are not willing to get rid of Cody Bellinger in the deal, which has stalled talks in trade for Realmuto, reopening the door for the Astros to swoop in if they want to. However, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow has stated that he is good with the group of catchers they have right now in Chirinos and Stassi.

Reports about J.A. Happ re-signing with the Yankees has been reversed as it looked like no agreement had officially been put in place when Ken Rosenthal first reported it.

Madison Bumgarner is still on the market by the San Francisco Giants. No move has been made yet for him, though the Astros at this point are still a team that are interested in his services with the potential loss of Dallas Keuchel.

Today was the day that pitcher Charlie Morton decided to leave the city of Houston and sign with the Tampa Bay Rays for a 2-year, $30M contract. With that, the Astros look at their starting rotation now with a gaping hole that is left, which now most likely has to be filled with a re-signed Dallas Keuchel, if they can pull it off.

Result: Big subtraction in Charlie Morton, No additions

Day 5

Heading into the final day of the Winter Meetings, the Houston Astros and their fans were still in a somber mood with the departure of Morton to the Rays. Besides that, no signings or trades occurred for the Astros as they quietly ended the Winter Meetings with no additions and one big subtraction in Morton the day before.

Result: No new additions &/or subtractions

An overall recap of the Winter Meetings for the Astros:

Despite previous years where the Astros were somewhat active to fairly active during the Winter Meetings, not much- if any- action was taken by the Astros these past five days. With that being said, the blue and orange are still looking to add an arm and a big bat from now until the start of spring training in February. Marwin Gonzales and Dallas Keuchel remain unsigned, while Charlie Morton heads for Tampa Bay. It’s been somewhat of a ho-hum December so far for Houston. However, signing Chirinos before the meetings at least helps with the catcher situation. Although, don’t be surprised if the ‘Stros go and sign another catcher.

Overall grade: D

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